Saturday, 3 September 2011

Worldwide success

Trucks and Diggers is proving to be a bit of a success! Apple send us developers our daily sales reports which have been showing consistent sales, and we had noticed that it seems to sell well all over the world (there are about 40 i-tunes store locations). We recently registered with a great site called and this shows the full history in each place. To our surprise the app is ranked in the top 200 kids games in most stores. Notable successes are 17th in Germany and 7th in Finland. This means Trucks and Diggers is going up against the big boys (Disney, HIT, Lego) and beating them in some places! We have just learnt that the app is currently featured by the Austrian Apple store as 'Games > Kids > What's Hot'. Thank-you everyone.

So why the success? We think it's because the app has no words, so it instantly has global appeal. Excavators are yellow the world over. By watching and learning from our own kids we made the user interface very easy, and kids love that.