Friday, 12 August 2011

Negative Feedback

The Trucks and Diggers app received some negative feedback recently (thanks Kittyblueit), and that really hurt. Admittedly the app isn't going to appeal to everyone, but they said it was a "rip off". Considering that it costs less than a bottle of coke I don't see how something that does what it says in the iTunes description can be a rip off. They also suggested it should be free. We consciously decided that the app shouldn't have advertising in it, after all it's for young kids. If there's no ads then the other business model is to sell it at a reasonable cost. There is a large cost (especially in time) developing such a thing. To expect something for nothing is optimistic! I hope the thousands of other people who have downloaded it do like it. I know our kids do, and they keep coming back to it. It's no Angry Birds, but then it doesn't pertain to be.

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